About Us

Pharmko is a unique sterile compounding pharmacy company, focused on providing patient-specific IDPN and IPN therapies to meet the renal nutrition needs of dialysis patients. As a team of clinical pharmacists, we are committed to exceptional quality in every detail of the care we provide. We’ve invested an incredible amount of time, effort, and financial resources into ensuring the absolute sterility of our products. We understand that safety, guideline compliance, and attention to detail is paramount to ensuring the success of our mission statement which is to better the lives of the patients who suffer from Kidney disease of any kind. Our products, pumps, formulations and  equipment are fully compliant with relevant compliance standards including USP 797, which dictate sterile compounding laws.

My name is Sarah Bensimon and I am the founder and CEO of Pharmko INC. I am a clinical, specialty compounding pharmacist by training which has allowed me to travel many unique paths of the pharmacy profession. Upon that journey, my experience has proven to be most useful in the field of renal nutritional care. When I combine my knowledge of clinical disease states with my ability to research and devise IV formulations that meet my patients’ nutritional needs, our patients’ entire dialysis experience is significantly improved.  We have been very successful in impacting and improving their overall health.  This is the fundamental reason I opened Pharmko, Inc.  We are a highly specialized pharmacy provider for the renal patient.  We are confident we are improving the lives of dialysis patients all over America.