About Us

Pharmko is a specialty, sterile compounding pharmacy as well as a DME company that is committed to adhering to the highest standards of patient care. As a team of clinical pharmacists, we are committed to exceptional quality in every detail of the care we provide. We’ve invested an incredible amount of time, effort, brain power and financial resources into ensuring the absolute sterility and stability of our products. We understand that safety, guideline compliance and attention to detail is paramount to ensuring the success of our mission statement, which is “Providing quality solutions to improve patient outcomes.”

Accredited By:

Accreditation Commission for Health Care

Compounding Pharmacy

NABP VPP Sterile Compounding

My name is Sarah Bensimon, and I am the founder of Pharmko Inc. I am a clinical and specialty compounding pharmacist by training which has allowed me to travel many unique paths of the pharmacy profession.

I have combined my expertise of clinical disease state, product formulation, choice DME products and pharmaceutical nutrition to lead our team in exceptional patient care. I strongly believe that as a clinician first CEO of Pharmko Inc., we will achieve exponential positive patient outcomes amongst our patients. We are confident in our mission to provide quality solutions to improve patient outcomes.