Nutrition and Renal Nutrition

Pharmko Nutrition Services

We create personalized treatments that are specific to each patient’s needs that are based on their doctor’s orders. Our custom formulations minimize volume while maximizing essential nutritional components to optimize therapy and minimize potential of side effects.

Pharmko uses a novel, top-of-the line pump with the unique ability to infuse numerous different types of infusions, along with its ability to clamp directly onto the dialysis machine, (no poles needed).

We service the renal patient with all specialty medications relevant to their disease state, replete with educating the patient, optimal delivery preferences and coordination of the prior authorization process from beginning to end.

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TPN : Total Parenteral Nutrition

TPN, sometimes referral to as Parenteral Nutrition (PN), bypasses the gastrointestinal tract to provide the nutrients that the body needs. It is used to correct or prevent malnutrition when individuals are not able to obtain sufficient calories and nutrition through eating.

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IDPN : Intradialytical Parenteral Nutrition

IDPN is a form of parenteral nutrition for renal care patients undergoing hemodialysis that is administered during regularly scheduled dialysis sessions. A solution of essential nutrients, including amino acids, dextrose and sometimes lipids, is infused into a vein.


IPN : Intraperitoneal Nutrition

IPN is a form of parenteral nutrition for renal care patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis. It utilizes amino acids in place of dextrose as the osmotic gradient and provides nutrients through the peritoneum.


Renal Binders

Pharmko assists with prior authorization for all renal binders and specialty medications needed