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Patient-Specific IDPN and IPN Therapies

We create personalized treatments that are specific to each patient’s needs that are based on their doctor’s orders. Our custom formulations minimize volume while maximizing essential nutritional components to optimize therapy and minimize potential of side effects.

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Specialized Pumps

Pharmko has introduced a novel, top-of-the-line pump to our equipment line. It is extremely versatile, efficient, and easy to use and train with. The pump’s unique ability to infuse numerous different types of infusions, along with its ability to clamp directly onto the dialysis machine, (no poles needed), have made our pumps extremely popular amongst dialysis facilities.

Unique Range of Care

We service the renal patient with all specialty medications relevant to their disease state, replete with educating the patient, optimal delivery preferences and coordination of the prior authorization process from beginning to end. Having oversight of a patient’s medication regimen further allows us as clinical pharmacists to prevent medication therapy errors to enhance adherence.

Training and Support

Our team is available to provide medication therapy management (MTM) to the IDPN patient to reconcile their medication list. We also provide training for all our equipment in order to ensure the proper administration of each therapy.